Regular weekly courses

Schools watersports club

Includes all equipment and supervision on the water.

Regular schools may wish to offer their students additional times to attend watersports training. Aqua Sports is now running a ‘schools club’ during the term times as part of the RYA OnBoard Initiative.

To join, schools simply need to be booked into a regular weekly course and register with the Club. All students attending schools courses will then be eligible to attend the schools club. Pre-booking will be required and the cost, per visit will be £20 per person. This will include all equipment and supervision on the water. Teachers do not have to bring groups, as long as a student is already attending a school course, they will be able to attend individually.

The schools club may also be used as a means of attracting new students into our sports as we could potentially offer one off tasters for groups during this time slot. Teachers would simply need to pass our details to the student/ parent and they could then try a session and if they like it book into a course run through the school.

The day and time of the schools club is still to be confirmed. Options are Wednesdays from 4.30 – 6.30 pm or Thursdays from 6.15 – 8.15 pm. If you are interested in the schools club please register your interest with Chris so we can organise a time that suits most schools.


Per person

RYA OnBoard Initiative

Open to anyone aged 8-18


Call us on 01737 644 288