Want to progress your paddling?

Paddlesports Progression

More coaching. Tactical application of skills. More experience.

Work through your Paddlepower Discover qualification (Paddlepower 6-7 and Paddlepower 8-9), building your repertoire of strokes, knowledge of rescue techniques and application of both these elements to competently and efficiently paddle on the lake.

This two day camp introduces more advanced skills through experimentation and a variety of games and fun exercises as they begin to work through the Paddlepower Discovery syllabus. This course develops students’ existing paddling skills and introduces support strokes; the basic elements of kayaking/canoeing it covers launching, paddling forwards and backwards, safe capsizing and a variety of useful paddle strokes.

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Who is this for?

Ages 8-13.

Course duration


Course outcome

Paddlepower Discover 6-7

Pre requisites

Paddlepower passport 4-5.

Other options

Gift Voucher. Compact course option

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