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Dinghy Progression

More coaching, more understanding, more experience.

Work towards your Dinghy Stage 3 or 4 throughout this course, learning the necessary theory and polishing your boat control and practical application of skills through solo and crew sailing. This is a skill packed training camp, covering aspects of the RYA Junior Dinghy Stage 3 and 4 syllabus and providing coaching towards the goal. This course is a training course designed to progress students through the syllabus at their own pace.

Those kids aiming towards Stage 3 competency will work on their single-handed sailing ability and need to demonstrate sailing on all points of sail with a basic application of the five essentials, appropriately using controlled tacking and gybing to sail themselves around the water. They should be able to rig their boat showing consideration for the weather conditions, launch and recover their boat according to wind direction, and use refined boat control to perform come alongside, picking up a mooring, and man overboard manoeuvres. This is complimented with further theory to build their decision making, understanding of risks, and safe navigation around other watercraft so that they might be able to sail confidently and competently without direct supervision.

Those who have passed Stage 3 will continue on to further broadening their Stage 3 skills in a crewboat setting. The importance of communication, efficient application of both practical and theoretical sailing elements, and an increased understanding of how to handle more complex situations on the water are all brought together in the Stage 4 syllabus.

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Single-Day Coaching Clinics at £79 are sometimes available.

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