School Courses

Imagine your students learning a new skill, having fun, achieving National Curriculum targets, and maybe even finding a career at the same time! Sound impossible? Not if you bring them to Aqua Sports. We can teach them how to WindsurfDinghy Sail or Kayak, or even all three sports over time. Who knows, maybe you have an Olympic hopeful just waiting to be discovered!

From two-hour weekly time slots, to week-long, multi-activity courses, all options can count towards attainment targets in the Outdoor and Adventurous Activities area of Key Stages 2 to 4. We can help teachers achieve their targets, and hopefully teach the teachers a new skill too!

If you have a regular slot each week you want to fill with an outdoor activity, either a PE lesson, or an after school activity option, then a course at Aqua Sports is the answer for you.

Courses at Aqua Sports typically run for two hours per week, with six weeks recommended for course completion. Your students will spend as much time as possible on the water, following a syllabus designed to get the best from them, and hopefully allow them to obtain a watersports qualification. These certificates of competence from recognised National Governing Bodies (NGB), such as the RYA and BCU, can count towards the attainment targets in the Outdoor and Adventurous Activities area of Key Stages 2 to 4.

All our courses are delivered to the exacting standards of the RYA and BCU, and will hopefully result in a qualification for your students. The emphasis is on novices and intermediates, but even if you have a class of gifted watersports students, we can still teach them a thing or two.

With free places for teachers, there has never been a better time to get involved!




Stage One - this course teaches juniors to sail with assistance - normally two-up in a single-hander - covering sailing across the wind and upwind sailing.

Stage Two - juniors continue to sail two-up, learning how to sail a triangular course and sail unassisted.

Stage Three - introduction to the 'five essentials' and sailing single handers. Theoretical elements included.

Stage Four - effective use of the 'five essentials', efficient tacking and gybing in stronger winds, crewing and helming.

Advanced Skills - for those that have completed stage four. Includes advanced boat handling skills, use of asymmetric spinnaker and racing. This course provides the skills youngsters need to excel in sailing. (non certificated)


Stage One - this course teaches juniors the basics of windsurfing so that they can confidently sail across the wind and get back to where they started.

Stage Two - works on key skills such as stance, tacking and gybing. Upwind sailing ability is developed and some very basic theory introduced.

Stage Three - works on developing tacking and gybing skills. This course involves use of the funboard simulator for developing stance and introducing skills such as harnessing.

Stage Four - this involves working on stance and transitions in stronger winds. Plenty of practice is required to get to this level which involves use of the funboard simulator for introduction to planing skills such as harnessing and use of footstraps.


Paddle Power 1 & 2 - basic introduction to paddling skills through experimentation and games.

Paddle Power 3 & 4 - gentle skills development, again through games and progression learning.